Golfer Setup

Setup your golf stance for a good swing.

Golfer Setup is an iOS iPhone app designed to help you position your body for a solid golf swing at address. Unlike other instructional apps Golfer Setup will show you each key body component and layout the Action, Why you need to position it like this and the most common faults of beginners in terms of this body placement. Each selection will show:


How to position this body position correctly

2.   WHY?

Why you need to position the body component in this manner


The most common mistakes that beginners will make with this part of their setup usually
Golfer Setup focuses on both long and short clubs with both front and back angles on key components to improve your setup. A good golf setup leads to a better golf swing and as David Leadbetter would put it "What invariably distinguishes a good player from a poor one is their respective address positions or setups". Download and Trial or get the Full Version iPhone app today!
Golfer Setup

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Golfer Setup

Read more about the different parts of the Golf Swing Setup

Golfer Setup

Golf Setup corrections explained with imagery

Golfer Setup

Action, Why and Common Faults sections for each component