Discount Markup Calculator

Calculate the selling price fast!

Discount Calculator is an iOS iPhone app and an all-in-one shopping companion. Quickly and easily calculate the reduced sale price of any purchase.


Just insert the product pricing followed by the discount percentage. What is revealed is the pricing equation, the value of the discount and the final discounted price. All in a clear and easy to read formula equation.


Want a quicker option? Discount Calculator also has a Auto-Calculation Table that will automatically calculate the most commonly-used percentages for you the instant you input your pricing in – now that's handy!
But if discounting isn't what you're after, Discount Calculator also has another side – the Markup side! Using the same steps as discount calculator, you can instantly mark up any pricing with the custom percentage that you desired! Same goes for the Auto-Markup Calculation Table!

Save yourself some time and money - literally. Download the Trial or get the Full Version iPhone app today!

image showing that there are instructions to teach you how to use the iphone app

Key weblinks on the home screen

image showing where to insert the price and the discount percentage to calculate on Discount Calculator

Insert the price and the discount percentage to calculate

image showing the Auto-Discount-Calculation table calculating commonly used discount percentages instantly in the Discount calculator app

Auto-Discount Calculation Table will instantly calculate commonly used discount percentages

image showing mMarkup calculator and Auto-Markup-Table included in the Discount calculator app

Markup Calculator and Auto-Markup Calculation Table included