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Hello and thanks for stopping by!

Hello! Welcome to our little-iPhone-App-Showing-Off website. We're Apple advocates and creating apps is our little hobby, but like any dream - if we end up making mega-bucks and not having to work then that would be AWESOME - but for now, we enjoy making the few bucks necessary to pay off our Annual Apple Developer subscription. We'd like to thank anyone that's purchased or downloaded any of our apps - your support is fantastic. We hope you enjoy using our apps.

When our apps are in the development stage we try to focus with 3 key things in mind. These are:


We make apps for a purpose. We're not here to clutter up your iPhone. We are trying to fufil a need and that's why most of our apps are calculators. Need to work out a discount? Get our Discount Calculator app. Want to work out how much you're getting paid an hour? Read up on Payday. All our apps have a purpose. We enjoy making and using them and hopefully you will too!


We like to make our apps look good. There are heaps of developers who are great at developing apps but don't care about how the app is designed or how it looks. Wrong colours, bad layout and crazy fontfaces can lead to a negative User experience and maybe put you off using the app, so we always have this design element at the forefront when creating our apps.


Our apps are designed to be easy to use. We don't want you pushing several buttons just to get to the information you need. Our apps are designed with a two-click rule in mind. That is if you can't find the information within two-clicks of the entrance screen - then that's a failed UX design and you shouldn't put up with it! Just a quick FYI - all our LITE app versions have got ADs hidden discreetly at the bottom of the screen (but please click on this if you like the ad - that's how we make a little money to pay for our development).

We strive to keep developing iOS apps for all you APPLE users out there. With over 50,000 downloads to date we think everyone is enjoying our work, but if you have any feedback on what could be improved or what our next app could be just give us a rattle and let's talk. Our next challenge will be our first Swift iOS game. We're going to try and design our first educational and fun game - so watch this space!

Peace out.

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Vincent TW Chan

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